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Chapter 17 – Lunatic

Translated by: wilsongwee

Edited by: marvin&nitesh

Here in the Ark continent, it’s not that no one has studied the Black Waste. About a thousand years ago, a very famous Wood Master Mage, joined with several Water Mages and alchemists, along with elves who had the most extensive knowledge about plants, and started studies on the Black Waste. Their intention was to change the Black Waste’s soil and turn it into the largest granary in the continent.

But after twenty years of research, they couldn’t even grow a single blade of grass within the Black Waste. Subsequently, they had to give up.

From then on, no one had ever studied the Black Waste again. People think that the Black Waste has no value even if you study it, it’s nothing but a waste of time.

In actuality, this had something to do with the general situation in the Ark continent. Although the population on the continent might not be small, the land is even bigger. There are plenty of arable lands, therefore food related issues are almost non-existent and agriculture has never been a concern.

But the continent has been very peaceful in recent years, there have been no major wars. The population is growing rapidly, so much so that some small countries are experiencing food shortages. However, as the weather of the five empires remains ideal and no such problems are present there, the food shortages of these countries did not cause widespread concern.

And don’t forget that slaves exist in the Ark continent. Even if the prices of food were to go up, it would mean nothing to them, they would just need to feed the slaves less, as long as they are not starved to death.

The slaveholders will naturally never spread that their slaves were having smaller meals. In fact, when those slaveholders are together, they would never talk about slaves. They would discuss about women, even about the moon light, but never about slaves. Therefore, the continent’s people don’t even know that food related issues are creeping closer and closer.

Now that the continent is at peace, every country’s economy is steadily growing, so the prices of necessities are also on the rise, but naturally those in power do not know this. Although the economy can be said to be rising, the standard of living for most citizens did not improve, on the contrary, it has only gotten worse. Much less can be said about the conditions of slaves.

With the economy on the rise, the prices of item will naturally follow suit. But while the prices went up, the income of the common citizens did not. This led to many citizens being unable to provide for themselves, ultimately becoming slaves, intensifying the problems of society.

But Meirin did not know all of this, what she knew was that food items on the continent are very expensive now. If Zhao Hai can really change the completely inarable soil of the Black Waste into fertile land, then even if the Buda family didn’t want to flourish, it would be impossible not to.

On seeing the excited look on her face, Zhao Hai chuckled ,”Yes, Grandma Meirin, this is an ability I have gotten, but I can only improve ten acres of land each day. So you have to organize them in the afternoon, to measure out the land. We will take a thousand acres as our mark, any more and we won’t be able to handle it, you may stop after measuring a thousand acres.”

Meirin nodded excitedly and said, “Yes Young Master, I will arrange it immediately.” Upon finishing her words, Meirin started to walk out.

Zhao Hai quickly stopped her, “Alright Grandma Meirin, don’t be anxious. It can wait till after our meal. And also, we definitely cannot do too much, as well as not be too far apart from the castle. We must not let others discover this ability of mine, if not, given the current capability of the Buda family, we cannot guard against them at all.”

Meirin is also a person of great experience as well, on hearing Zhao Hai’s words, she calmed down immediately. Nodding her head, she said, “Yes, I understand Young Master. Please leave this matter to me then.”

Neither Zhao Hai nor Meirin realized that Meg, standing behind Meirin, was looking at Zhao Hai with her eyes colored with surprise.

In the past, as soon as Zhao Hai appeared, Meg would pull her head low. But now, she looked up and carefully watched Zhao Hai, with no reminiscence of her previous timidness to Zhao Hai.

Meg grew up together with Adam, and because Adam was only older than her by two years, they always played together since young. At that time, Meg seemed to be Adam’s tail, she would go wherever he went. If she was bullied by other kids, Adam would stand up for her and fight with them. Therefore, she had strong feeling for her brother-like young master since she was young.

But with age, came the understanding of certain things. Meg understood that Adam is her young master, she could not keep calling him her big brother. And because she is a girl, Adam was also unwilling to play with her, so she was very sad.

When they grew even older, Adam met with many noble youths and had them as friends. It was at that time that Adam started to learn the wrong things, he even seemed to forget his childhood playmate.

Adam turned from bad to worse as he grew, while Meg grew more beautiful and mature as she did, and even showed a talent for magic. She embarked on a road completely different from Adam. But Meg was increasingly unhappy, seeing how Adam fooled around every day. She very much wanted to stop him but it was utterly useless, even her grandfather’s words fell on deaf ears, much less hers. She really wished for time to turn backwards and return to when they were young again, where her brother-like young master would play with her everyday, even stand up for her, and would return to her side.

[TL note: this translated version does not do the original justice, there is a very strong melancholy attached to the passage in the original novel ]

They say that a girl’s feelings are like poetry, Meg is just like that. She always hoped that Adam would change back to who he was, but reality mercilessly shattered her dream when Adam attempted to rape her.

When Adam smiled obscenely and walked towards her, she felt her world come tumbling down and that once beautiful memory of hers distanced itself from her. Her world began to lose its color and she lived each day in a daze.

And at this point of time, disaster struck the Buda family, hanging between life and death. She watched people who had grown up together with her leave the Buda family one by one, witnessed her childhood home being taken away by the king, watched on as Adam was force to drink the Water of Nothingness and then fell into unconsciousness. She watched as her own family disappeared in such a short space of time.

They then arrived at the Black Waste, yet Adam had yet to wake up. Seeing her grandparents endlessly busy themselves each day in the hopes that the Buda family would persist, it was like watching the last ditch effort of a drowning man.

Meg is but a simple girl who had not experienced many things, when she was shocked in succession, she was almost unable to hold on. If not for her grandparents staying with her, she may have lost it and tried to commit suicide.

But yet, shortly after they reached the Black Waste, Zhao Hai appeared. And Meirin noticed, noticed that the young master had changed. No longer was he the boy who didn’t know anything and who spent all day making trouble, now he had matured and knows how to fight for this family.

First it was the Magic Radishes, then the Blue-Eyed Rabbits and now the soil enhancement. She suddenly realized that the young master had become a stranger to her, but yet this change is good. In her heart, the image of the perfect version of the Young Master is slowly starting to form.


Meg realized that something in Adam seems to be attracting her to him. He no longer had a temperamental aura that scared people, but rather changed into a calm and natural aura, making people subconsciously want to get closer to him.

She liked to see the look of self confidence on Adam, as well as the gentle smile he wore. She also liked it that when Adam looked at her, he would hang an unnatural, somewhat guilty expression on his face. Without her knowing, the heart of a young girl once again tied itself to Adam.

Meirin did not pay any attention to the changes in Meg, and on finishing her words with Zhao Hai, immediately walked towards the kitchen. This gave Meg the chance to recover her senses, she pulled down her head at once, followed Meirin into the kitchen with a red face and started to take out the food.

The same people ate together, but today Meirin and Meg ate quickly, and finished their food in a few bites. Following that, they immediately walked towards the outside, seeming to get ready to organize the people to measure the land.

Zhao Hai observed the look on Meirin’s face and could barely hold back a chuckle. He could understand the feelings of Meirin, they always thought that the Black Waste could only be a piece of dead land. And now suddenly someone had told them that he can change the dead land into fertile land, this is akin to telling a patient with terminal illness that their sickness can be treated, how can anyone remain calm in that instance?

Zhao Hai slowly finished his lunch, then led BlockHead and RockHead out of the castle. Once they were outside, they realized that Meirin and Meg had already led the slaves in measuring the land.

These slaves may have no other skills or talents, but they had sowed soil before. If they were to be assigned something else they might not be able to do it, but measuring land, sowing the fields and what not? The slaves were definitely capable of achieving that.

Ten acres of land were soon measured out, Meirin and Meg chose not to scrutinize the work as their eyes were on Zhao Hai, to find out if he was really capable of improving the state of the soil.

Zhao Hai looked at the ten acres of soil but he froze there. He had seen in the spatial farm just how vast ten acres of land were, but in the farm, no matter if it was sowing or harvesting he had never lifted a single finger. Now that he had to improve these ten acres of land, he was at a loss; once the spatial soil and spatial water left the farm, would it still be under his control?

When he was in the farm before, his mind was solely on calculations of the proportions and he completely forgot about this. What could he do now? Surely he can’t choose to slowly pour the spatial soil and water onto the black soul bit by bit.

Just as Zhao Hai became dizzy with panic, the spatial prompt suddenly came up, “Do you want to improve the land before you? Yes/No.” Following that, a projection screen with two buttons appeared before him, ‘Yes’ and ‘No’.

Overjoyed, Zhao Hai reached out and pressed the ‘Yes’ button, but realized that his hand went through the projection screen as if there was nothing there. Yet the screen and its two button hovered there steadily, making him look like an lunatic who had started dancing in excitement.

Chapter 16 – Proportions


Translated by: me

Edited by: marvin&nitesh

Zhao Hai nimbly threw the water sphere into the spatial well. In any case, this water is not toxic and the quality of the water is not bad as well, let it return to the source.

Then Zhao Hai once again took a quick look at the pile of black soil, which had not been handled yet. The pile was not in the least big, no more than half a meter high.

Presently Zhao Hai knows that spatial water and soil can be used to change the black soil. However, he is not in a rush and intends to conduct some research to find the best method.

Looking at the black soil for some time, Zhao Hai confidently said: “Shovel, split this pile into 10 equal parts.”

Zhao Hai barely finished speaking as the shovel begins to work, soil was split up automatically into 10 equal parts. Zhao Hai took a new look at the situation and was delighted. Seems like as long as things are within this space, it can be used in accordance to his volitional movements. It was really wonderful.

Suddenly, he got a bright idea and decided to try it out: “Space, calculate the optimal ratio of spatial water and soil for the improvement of the black soil.”

“Abuse of authority, cannot be calculated!”

“CRAP! Heaven helps those who help themselves. Seems like I should fall back upon myself.” Zhao Hai was not able to refrain from cursing. He focused on the bucket and it filled itself with the spatial water, also he again used the shovel and scooped some space soil.

It is essential for Zhao Hail to calculate good proportions. He is afraid of overusing space water and soil, in case the amount of it decreases. In such a situation the game is not worth the candle.

Zhao Hai is relying mostly on the space farm now. If the space farm breaks down, then all of his plans will collapse. It will result in a life of poverty in this sinister place.

On the basis of such consideration, Zhao Hai wanted to calculate the optimal ratio of spatial water and soil required for the conversion of the black soil. It will allow not only to improve the quality of the soil, but also to decrease the quantity of water and soil used.

Although the space farm still has the basic game settings, but it is his last resort. He couldn’t just play it like a casual game, each of his decisions must be calculated beforehand.

First, Zhao Hai decided to moisten a lump of black soil, while carefully watching changes within it and calculating the right ratio.

This whole situation with the spatial water pouring on black soil from above, looked like Guanyin (Goddess of Mercy) holding the amphora with the willow pattern on it and the divine dew inside of it. The black soil immediately changed. Similarly to the oily sand, the black soil bit by bit got rid of something like oil drip. The color of the soil also changed, it is not as dark as before and the granular sand changed into ordinary soil.

After the transformation of that lump of soil, Zhao Hai made a careful calculation. Seems like ratio is about 15:1, in other words 15 drops of water can change 1 lump of black soil.

Zhao Hai was satisfied with the results. It means that spatial water has a strong influence on the black soil. Next, holding the spatial soil hollow, he began to scatter it on another lump of black soil. This time the results were a little bit different, it was even more productive. The ratio of spatial soil needed to change black soil was 10:1.

Zhao Hai proceeded to the third lump of black soil. This time he used both spatial water and soil with the ratio 9:1. The results were successful, but there was no difference from using the spatial water alone.

Hereafter, he tried the ratio of 8:2, the results were the same; 7:3, still the same; 6:4, black soil using the spatial soil turned into fertile soil. Continuing the research, he tried the ratio of 5:5 and then 4:6.

Finally, Zhao Hai finished his research, seems like the best ratio of space water and soil is about 6:4. Such a transformation of black soil should be the most reasonable. It will not lead to excessive expenses, furthermore it will lead to the most qualitative change of the black soil.

Zhao Hai was delighted by the results of his research. He placed a bucket and returned the remainder of the space soil to its previous place. For the time being he may leave the space farm.

He returned to his chamber and slowly sat up. He had finished his “harvest” in the space farm. He had leveled up, the soil can be improved and that wasteland can be cultivated now, the best ratio for the improvement of  the black soil was calculated too. Moreover, it was April, if they did’t start working on time then the right moment for farming would be missed.

Although Zhao Hai is ignorant of some common thing, but he is not lacking in common sense. The sowing season is during spring and it was almost spring, the best time to begin farming.

Also, he had 200 gold coins in his space farm; 6 bags of seeds altogether, 2 bags of cabbage seeds, 2 bags of corn seeds and 2 bags of wheat seeds. Moreover, there was harvest in the warehouse, almost 80 000 pounds of radishes. All of these things are the property of the Buda clan now.

Fortunately, all seeds can be taken out of the space farm. In other words, he needs to change the land outside, then he will be able to sow seeds from the space farm there.

Zhao Hai moved out while thinking, he wants to measure the land as soon as possible to implement the required improvements.  After leaving the chamber, he saw BlockHead and RockHead standing beside the door. Seems like no one came searching for him.

Zhao Hai nodded to both of them: “BlockHead find some twine and ruler, we will go to measure the land.” Neither BlockHead nor RockHead understood Zhao Hai’s reasons, but they didn’t voice any complaints.

At the time before their arrival to the Black Land, they deduced that there was nothing in this disastrous place. Therefore, to overcome this situation Green prepared almost all things essential for living. Most of them are provisions, seeds and various types of remedies, such as twine and ruler. Undoubtedly, Green worked up huge stock of supplies.

However, BlockHead was not in a hurry at all, he turned to Zhao Hai and replied: “Young master, it is almost afternoon, Grandma Meirin returned to cook lunch, perhaps we can go there after eating the food.”

Zhao Hai came to a halt and looked at the color of sky. Definitely it was afternoon already. BlockHead was right and more importantly, it seems like he wants to eat too. He nodded and said: “All right! Then we will continue after the lunch.” Finished talking, he headed to the dining hall of the castle with two men behind him.

The trio came to the dining hall and saw Meirin and Meg, who were in the process of laying out the dishes. Finally, Meirin noticed Zhao Hai, she bowed and said: “Young master, you woke up, I was going ready to send Meg to call you for lunch.”

Zhao Hai said, while smiling: “Raise your head, Grandma Meirin, tell the slaves to temporarily stop arrangements in the mine after lunch . They can continue to do it again tomorrow. It is not like we will have delivery of Blue-Eyed Rabbits soon. You should prepare twine and ruler. We will go to measure Black Land. The area of about 10 mu (area equal to 0,0667 hectare; 1/6 acre) will be marked. It is almost spring isn’t it? We have to seize the moment.”

Meirin replied to Zhao Hai gloomily: “Young master, it is Black Land outside, it cannot be cultivated. Although we bought a lot of different seeds, but it is for sowing on the hills of mountain range. It is a waste to sow them on Black Lands. To measure anything makes no sense at all.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said: “Don’t worry Grandma Meirin, I have a way to transform these Black Lands’ soil. It is possible to change black soil into fertile soil suitable for farming. You should find a responsible man for cultivating this.”

The eyes of Meirin kindled with happiness: “Young master, is what you said true? Do you really have a method to change this disastrous place outside? Can these desolate lands become fertile and suitable for farming?” Her voice was trembling as she was too excited. This Black Land is the largest flat area in the entire Aksu Empire, about one third of the empire’s land size. But the Aksu Empire doesn’t take Black Land into account, because it is a wasteland.

However, if it could be suitable for farming, then what will change? This place will become richest land of the Aksu Empire, a place many people would be envious of.

It was the age of magic civilization on the Ark continent. People mostly took heed of magic, martial arts, different types of magic ores, but regardless of age, agriculture takes up most important part in any country.

Food is the God of the people. You may be powerful through magic, but you can’t eat it! Your martial arts level might be high, but you have no choice but to have a meal! Even if there is some rich country, it will not exist without making food as it’s national priority. If it relies on different countries in this matter, then it will soon perish.

If all the land of this waste area could be cultivated, it will become granary of the whole Ark continent. There is no place as big and as suitable for farming like the Black Land.

Furthermore, there is the another reason why Meirin was so excited. In order to starve the Buda clan to death, Emperor Aksu Aboyo invited messenger from the Church and ambassadors of different countries to be witnesses of agreement between the Buda clan and Empire. And so under the God’s testimony Black Land became the fief of the Buda clan.

The significance of this agreement should not be underestimated. Its witnesses were ambassadors of almost all others countries and messenger from the Church. The agreement was made under the God’s custody. Anyone who will dare to violate this will be disrespectful to the God. It will make such a person or a country the aim for attacks from all the forces of the continent and God’s punishment.

There is one more important characteristic of this agreement. Since almost all countries on the continent were the witnesses, even if Aksu Empire falls apart and new countries appear on its land, Buda clan will still own the Black Land. There is no way to take away these lands from Buda clan, even Church itself cannot do it.

You should just think about it, what will happen with these land after all of Zhao Hai’s improvements? Zhao Hai gained the largest flat area on the Ark continent and at the same time forever. No one will be able to refuse such might!

How could Meirin not be excited? If Zhao Hai really could transform these lands, then the Buda clan will gain its own homeland and will become most richest and powerful family on the Ark continent.



Chapter 15 – Level up

Translated by: wilsongwee

Edited by: marvin&nitesh

But what Zhao Hai doesn’t know is that Meirin has been rendered speechless. Meirin is a magician, and an eighth level water mage at that.

On the Ark continent, the magicians are classified into ten tiers, the first to third tiered mages are considered as Apprentice Magicians, fourth and fifth tiered mages are deemed Novice Magicians, the sixth and seventh are addressed as Advanced Magicians, eighth and ninth tiered are regarded as Master Magicians, and the final tier, which exists only in legends, whose presence is on the same level as the gods.

But being a mage is not as easy as it seems, firstly one must have innate magical talent, furthermore they must also have the capacity to be Awakened. Out of ten mages, there will be five that will remain Apprentice Magicians for the entire length of their lives. Out of the five remaining, three will remain Novice Magicians for life. And the remaining two may very well only attain the title of Advanced Magicians before hitting a plateau. Only one out of a hundred mages may advance to be a Master Magician. This is just comparing among the population of mages, whereas among the people on the continent who have innate magical talent, the ratio changes to one in ten thousand, making this comparison much more frightening.

So mages on the continent are few, and advanced mages are even fewer. A person such as Meirin, being an eighth tiered mage, will be welcomed as a guest of honour in any country. However, both Meirin and Green are born into the Buda family, so they acted sincerely with one heart to help the Buda family. And it is precisely because of this, that the king of the Aksu Empire did not act against the Buda family with complete ruthlessness, choosing to just exile them to this place.

To a master mage such as Meirin, they are extremely sensitive to any magical changes in the environment. As long as someone were to use any form of magic within a kilometer of them, they will able to detect it.

Yet, within the Ark continent, there is only one form of magic that can be used to store items in this manner, and that is Spatial magic. If only one in ten thousand can learn magic, only one in a million can learn spatial magic. Currently there aren’t many spatial mages in the continent. Moreover they are not of high ranking, and are unable to open their own secluded space.

Currently on the Ark continent, there are indeed some spatial magic tools used for storage that were made in the past by spatial mages. Using his own energy, the spatial mage opens a secluded space, and by means of exotic materials and more magic, he then binds this space onto an item. Only then a spatial magic tool is created. To be able to do this, one’s spatial magic energy must be at on the level of an advanced mage, and even so they may be able to create only five spatial magic tools in their entire lifetime. Therefore these specific items are indeed extremely rare and naturally, extremely precious.

In addition, Meirin was sure that the inner family did not have such tools. It is safe to say that this ability of Zhao Hai is innate, yet Zhao Hai had downed the Water of Nothingness, making it impossible for him to cultivate any magic or battle qi. Naturally this also cannot be the work of a spatial mage as Meirin did not detect even a shred of magic fluctuation, the magic orb seemed to disappear on its own.

Given this situation, there are only two possibilities, one is that Zhao Hai’s magical energy is even higher than Meirin’s, having the ability to mask all his magic fluctuations from her. But this is not possible, Zhao Hai had drunk the Water of Nothingness and is no longer able to cultivate magic.

Yet another possibility is that what Zhao Hai used is neither spatial magic nor spatial tools. If that is so, Meirin naturally will not be able to detect any magic fluctuation.

Zhao Hai turned around and glanced at Meirin, and once he saw the look on her face, he chuckled and remarked, “Grandma Meirin, don’t be impatient, in a few days I will tell you what all this is about. This may be a power the Heavens has bestowed on me.”

Meirin merely nodded her head and did not press any further, as long as there is no danger to Zhao Hai. Moreover,  this ability will only bring him benefits and not any problem.

Zhao Hai looked at the water and realised that there actually is nothing to look at, thus turning to Meirin, “Grandma Meirin, let us go back. When Grandpa Green is back, we can start these plans immediately.”

Meirin nodded and replied, “Young Master, do go back early. Don’t worry about things here, me and Meg will be here.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Alright, however, Grandma Meirin you should not overexert yourself. Leave these issues for the slaves to handle. You and Meg need not lift a finger. Anyway it is not urgent, as long as the cave is cleaned up by the time Grandpa Green is back.”

Meirin beamed, “Young Master has really grown up, already caring for others. Young Master need not worry, this bag of old bones can still take it. Young Master should return to the castle, I will follow you in a bit and prepare some food for you.”

Zhao Hai grinned, “Very well, I shall return then.” Upon finishing, he turned towards the outside, with Blockhead and Rockhead following closely.

Meirin gazed at the backview of Zhao Hai and muttered, “Ancestors bless the Buda family, I can’t believe that the Young Master would get an ability that is so strong, the Buda Clan now has some hope to revive.”

Zhao Hai, with the two brothers, returned to the castle and entered his own room, hastily wanting to inspect the black soil’s and water’s properties.

Upon entering the room, Zhao Hai said, “Blockhead, the two of you don’t follow me in and just stay here. If Grandma Meirin were to return, you are to cover for me and say that I am resting.”

What Zhao Hai wanted to test, was to see if the two of them will listen to him now, because when he brought them to the farm before, he could feel that their attitudes had gone through a great change, as if treating him with reverence. Moreover, he also felt that the two of them will most likely listen to him now, therefore he is testing them to see if they will indeed stay behind.

Unbelievably, they did not even hesitate for a fraction of a second, only bowing toward him, “Yes, Young Master.” Together they left and even closed the door behind them, soon after taking their places at either sides of the door, acting as gatekeepers.

Zhao Hai did not expect that they would be so obedient, however this is a good form of unexpected things. He immediately entered into the spatial farm.

On entering the farm, Zhao Hai only had to give it a single thought and the black soil appeared in front of him, and even without giving him the chance to say anything, the prompt came, “Discovery of new item, mutated soil, the soil contains large amounts of harmful substances. Able to use spatial soil or spatial water to improve, each day able to improve ten acres. As a result of discovery, the farm is now level three, the system rewards you with two bags of corn seeds, capacity for each bag, one acres, able to bring out of the space. New item is soil, the spatial soil automatically leveled up by one, becoming soil level two, enhancing the growth rate to eleven times.”

Zhao Hai blanked out for a moment, followed by a feeling of joy, he didn’t expect he could level up like this. Really good, he had even gotten two acres’ worth of corn seeds. Corn can be considered good stuff as the yield is very high, if he were to plant all the fields in his space with corn, he can solve the food problem that is being faced by his people. Most importantly, the black soil can be improved by using the spatial soil and spatial water, it really is an astonishing piece of news.

Although only ten acres can be improved per day, this isn’t too bad. The space is slowly levelling up, even though the spatial farm has just risen to level three, the area of land did not increase. Who knows when will it be before the area is increased yet again.

While pondering on this fact, once again the prompt appeared, ” Do you want to cultivate new lands? Cultivating lands requires level three and two hundred gold coins, expanding the land by two acres. The next requirement for cultivating land is level five and five hundred gold.”

Zhao Hai was overjoyed, whatever he wanted was given to him, but soon he hit a wall. If he were to cultivate this new land, he wouldn’t have enough money to buy seeds. If he were to sell the radishes, he would be quite reluctant. And if he were to plant the corn and then sell it back to the space, it seems that he will lose out. Now the crucial question is what to do with these seeds.

At the thought of this, Zhao Hai did not immediately expand the land, choosing to take out the corn seeds. A small bag of corn seeds appeared in his hands, Zhao Hai gently opened the bag and poured out huge golden seeds, seeming to burst from its contents. Just with a glance, one can tell that these seeds are of the highest quality, if these corn were not raw, the taste will certainly be delicious.

Zhao Hai froze for a moment and had a sudden flash. Patting his forehead he said, “Right, how could I forget this, all plants are able to continue their own line, even radishes. I wonder if the radishes from this space are able to form their own seeds? If so, I don’t have to buy seeds anymore, hahaha.”

Zhao Hai kept his corn seeds, however he did not immediately cultivate the land but instead gazed over the radishes in the fields. He didn’t know if the plants sowed from the space will have seeds of their own, if it is indeed the same as the game where they produced no seeds, then his troubles will increase. Therefore he did not cultivate the land at once, and chose to wait a while. Until the radishes were mature, if they are truly able to produce their own seeds, he will cultivate the lands straight away. If not, he has no choice but to delay his plans of cultivating new lands.

After thinking this through, Zhao Hai was no longer impatient to open new fields, rather turning his palm over and brought out the water orb. When the water orb appeared, it retained its shape. This is also Zhao Hai’s ability, he may not be able to do this outside of his spatial farm, but he is definitely able to do so here.

Once the water orb was taken out, the prompt once more followed, “Discovery of a new item, underground lake water, of benign nature, able to use spatial water to enhance the nutrients within. As a result of discovery, the farm is now level four, the system rewards you with two bags of wheat seeds, capacity for each bag, one acre. As the new item is water, the spatial water leveled up by one, becoming water level two, enhancing the growth rate to eleven times.”

Upon getting this prompt, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh out loud. This is really good, can’t believe that by bringing these two items in, the spatial farm actually leveled up twice and he netted a total of four bags of seeds, even the spatial soil and spatial water leveled up as well, this really is incredible.



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Chapter 14 – Universe under the earth

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After acquiring the black soil, Zhao Hai led BlockHead and RockHead in the direction of Meirin and Meg. He wants to see how the arrangements are progressing.


A lot of dwarves were extracting iron from the mine in this mountain, the mine is truly enormous, almost all the mountain range was excavated by dwarves. However, the structure of the mountain is very specific and dwarfs are skilled in the art of mining. Thus the foundation of the mine is extremely solid, there is no reason to be anxious about collapses.


Although Meirin and Meg are women in service of the Buda clan and Green is a good assistant, such issues are not a problem for them. Moreover, slaves had been reasonably agitated by Zhao Hai. Such motivation is a sufficient reason for not keeping watch over them.


But while making arrangements in the mine, it was found that not all of the space can be used. In the few dozen meters from the entrance of the mine, there is a huge free space, which is also connected with small caves. It seems like the dwarves were living and eating here. This place has been more or less arranged already, thus Blue-Eyed Rabbits can be bred here. However, farther in the mine there is a small slope in which water has gathered.


The arranged place by the entrance of the mine would be sufficient for breeding close to a few tens of thousands of Blue-Eyed Rabbits. It will not be a problem at all to keep such an amount.


These Dwarves, during many years of their stay here, designed and built something like an underground city. A source of water is nearby and there are even some drainage facilities over here. Moreover, the place is very capacious and the entrance is not far away. In spite of the gathering of water deeper, here it is very dry. It is acceptable to say that this place is perfect for the breeding of Blue-Eyed Rabbits.


Zhao Hai for the first time realized the potential of dwarves from the Iron Mountain. But in general, Iron Mountain is not high at all, the height is about 1 thousand meters, and still it extends a few thousand miles like a semi-circular ring. The Black Land is encircled by it and there is only one way out, to follow through the pit like encirclement. The castle of Zhao Hai was built almost in the mountains too, on part of the ledge of the mountain. Behind the ledge is the Iron Mountain, dwarves mined ore halfway to the top of the mountain. On the other side of the mountain is a wicked land, it is known on the continent as one of the five forbidden lands, called Rotten Lifeless Swamp (or Carrion Swamp).


The peculiar color of the Black Land ends partly in the mountain range. A little bit higher from the west to the east some weeds are growing. But their growth is bad as well, there are even some small curved trees. For certain they are malnourished with some sort of saplings growth cessation.


Seeing this, Zhao Hai unintentionally let out a sigh. He understands now, why the old nobles sent him here, and why even though Green had never been here before, he sold the belongings of the Buda Clan and spent almost all the money for buying supplies. This place is completely dead. Even if they work hard after their arrival here and will be able to eat properly, thinking about the revival of the Buda Clan is just foolishness.


At a distance, some activity by a mine can be seen. Zhao Hai walked rapidly there. Meirin and Meg were both directing slaves, so they didn’t see his arrival.


Although this mine was built by dwarves, the entrance to the mine appeared to be very spacious. The tunnel is more than 3 meters in height and 5 meters in width. Inside the huge free space can be seen. This space is connected with small caves all over the place. It is like city inside the mountain. It will not be a problem to house more than 10 thousand people here.


Zhao Hai was horrified by the scene before his eyes, he didn’t think that those dwarves were capable of building something like an underground city. It is excessively admirable.


Being inside of a cave, it is possible to understand now that this place is something like a stronghold or main foothold.


Zhao Hai involuntarily nodded. As soon as all arrangements are finished, it will be possible to use this place not only for the breeding of rabbits, but also as a secret base. However, it will require some time to do, however they don’t have enough time now.


At last Meirin noticed the appearance of Zhao Hai and fussed about: “Young master, why did you come? It is too dirty here, you should return to the castle.”


Zhao Hai said smiling: “It is nothing, I just decided to take a look at what is going on here. Grandma Meirin, are there more such places here in this mountain?”


Meirin quickly said: “There are only two places like this in the mountain, this one, which is behind the castle, and the other one is on the other side of the mountain. Their sizes are the same. Also, there are some small caverns and a few dozen tunnels.”


Zhao Hai nodded: “Are these caves linked? How deep are these tunnels? I think it is essential to build some barriers or we will not be able to breed rabbits here.”


Meirin replied: “Young master, don’t worry, these caves can be linked, after all it is a habit of dwarves, they carve tunnels out for mining, but to prevent collapses, they do not carve randomly. However, the deeper parts are flooded, so it is impossible to know how deep the passages go, so there is a dead end. Young master can use this foothold with confidence”


Zhao Hai nodded and said smiling: “Very well, let’s not think about the foothold on the other side of the mountain. This one is sufficient. Make some fences, although we can put the Blue-Eyed Rabbits in here and they won’t be able to run away, we still don’t want them to drown in the water”


Meirin nodded: “Be at ease, young master. I know how to do it. This place is not suited for young master. It is better for you to return.”


Zhao Hai said smiling: “Never mind, Grandma Meirin, you shouldn’t fuss or worry. I want to go take a look at the water gathered in the tunnels, to see if it is useable or not.”


Meirin nodded and said: “I will attend you, after all I am water mage, I will be useful to young master.”


Zhao Hai smiled and said: “Fine, there is not a lot of work to be done, it is not a hard effort, anyway take a stroll with me.”


Meirin followed him, BlockHead and RockHead were walking behind them. Whilst Meg stayed on the same place to watch over the slaves.


The four people rapidly walked through the tunnels. The way has a small downward slope. It seems like there were rail tracks running from the top, but they had already been removed. There only remains a brown rock paved road.


Walking through the downward slope for some hundreds meters, Zhao Hai finally saw something like an underground lake. It is the best name for something like this. The surface of the lake is enormous, even though there some light coming from the foothold, it can’t be seen entirely. You can only hear the sound of the waves.


At this moment, suddenly a white light appeared by Zhao Hai’s side. Zhao Hai curiously took a look at a ball of white lite in the hands of Meirin. It is like a lamp.


He remembered from the memories of Adam Buda, that this ball is illumination magic, which is not for attack, defense or healing. Its only usage is for being a lamp. Any mage on the continent can use it, even someone like an apprentice magician. Because this illumination magic doesn’t have attribute restrictions.


Zhao Hai finished staring and turned around. Using the fact, that the white ball is illuminating the vast surface of the lake, he founded that calling this thing an underground lake was not a mistake. Even in comparison with a common lake, it is quite large. As far as the eyes can see, the water is everywhere, it is impossible to take a look at the whole area. There are a few small islands on the lake. However, these islands occupy only a small area, only around some dozen square meters. Moreover, they are stretched to the ceiling like some kind of pillars.


Zhao Hai looked at Meirin with bewilderment: “Grandma Meirin, those are some kind of pillars, aren’t they?”


Merine said with a smile: “Young master is correct. Those pillars were left behind by the dwarves; they are supporting the entire mountain range. The terrace over there is one of the commanding platforms. Dwarves were working where the water is now, following the orders from commanding platforms.  In fact, the whole lake was carved out as the result of their work.


Eyes of Zhao Hai brighten, he laughed and exclaimed: “Excellent! This is really great. Thus we will be able to make a fishery here. This is definitely a natural treasure. HaHaHaHa”


Meirin looked over everything and said: “Young Master’s idea is great, but we still need to inspect carefully. If the water is stagnant we will not be able to breed fish here at all, but it does not look like stagnant water. I feel, that the water element here is very active. However, the water source can be a problem. If there is an inflow of water, then there must be an outflow. Otherwise, the water level will not be continuously the same. So there is a water outlet somewhere and if we put fish here now, they will swim away with the flow of the water.


Zhao Hai nodded: “Yes, it is a big problem, I found quite the same issue with the water in the moat. It needs to be solved” Finishing his reply, he turned towards Meirin and said: “Meirin, grandma, take some water out of this lake, I want to conduct research.”


Even though Meirin didn’t understand what Zhao Hai had in mind, she quietly proceeded to the task. A sphere of water with the diameter about 1 meter rose from the surface of the lake. Finally, it stopped before Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai let a sigh in his mind, the magic is amazing. But he didn’t linger over this, he took some actions in his mind about transferring, and the water sphere entered his space barn.


He took in the water sphere, but he didn’t receive any notifications. So he thought about it and found that the water sphere is now in his warehouse. Zhao Hai let out another sigh, this space barn is truly magnificent, even water can be held there.

Chapter 13 – Change of perception


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