Womanizing Mage. Chapter 5, Part 1

“Master, I am begging you please save my child Yu, he is my only son, ah!”, Dongfang Wan begged with tears Ximen Nu.

“Save him? How should i save him? If not because of your permissiveness, he would not have came to this state and incured calamity on our family.”, Ximen Nu casted aside hands of Dongfang Wan and shouted at her. Even wild beasts look after their young. So, even if Ximen Yu always commits bad deeds, he will still remain being his son. Ximen Nu doesn’t want quietly watch how his son will be beheaded.

“It is all my fault, my fault, i shouldn’t have spoiled him! Master, please save him, he is not even 18 years old yet, ah!”, Dongfang Wan sobbed, her eyes were full of tears. She is truly regretting her behaviour now. If it had been known that things would turn out this way… From the beginning her son was supposed to be under supervision of his strict father. Dongfang Wan is guilty, that she loves her son too much.

“Well, how can i watch the death of my son Yu? But i am not able to meet the emperor this time, what i have to do?”, Ximen Nu heaved a one long sigh. At this time he felt, that he has grown old.

“In this case we must save him, but let him never come back.” the face of Dongfang Wan brightened a little bit. It seems, that she saw the hope to save the life of her son. Just like a drowing man will catch at a straw, she will bet on this hope.

Ximen Nu changed the expression on his face, if he rely on the power of Ximen family, it will not be so hard to save his son. However, as people say the higher the tree, the stronger the wind. Ximen family since olden times was subjected to the anxiety of each generation of emperors. He is afraid, that his enemies will use it as a reason to weaken the power of Ximen family.

“Let it be, but i expect, that passing through this rough patch, he will learn a lesson and admit his guilt.” Ximen Nu neverthless decided to save him, after all it is his own blood and flesh.

“Thank you so much, Master! Without a question the son Yu will change himself.” Dongfang Wan was relieved and literally in one fell swoop she relaxed. It is possible, that she will not see her son again, but at least he will be alive.


Long Yi is not aware for how long it took his body to be back to a normal condition. He was paralyzed and saw some kind of obsession.

“How could such a thing have happened?”, Long Yi stood with his mouth agape from the confusion. His hands involuntary touched the metal wall, but he discovered that electric current has dissapeared.

“Is it possible, that i absorbed it entirely? Damn!”, Long Yi murmered while trying to understand his condition. He inspected his hands, but there was nothing special about them, only some bright marks. However, it is a fact, that his own hands absorbed the electric current.

It is unknown, but may be he will be able to use it for attacking. Long Yi couldn’t cast away such thoughts for a long time while gesticulating with his hands. Suddenly rough electric flashes occured near his thumbs and the center of palms. It happend with a loud bang sounds and some not too deep prints were left on the metal wall.

It will suit him nicely, Long Yi was excited. He thought a little bit and made a quick thrust with his hands trying to fill his attack with electric current. Well, unfortunately nothing’s happened, and it seems that nothing’s going to happen.


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